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Gwent Police Federation

Fed wants to hear your views on pay and morale

7 September 2022

The Police Federation’s annual pay and morale survey has now been launched, and Gwent Police Federation chair Matthew Candy is urging as many members as possible to complete it.

This year the survey has been combined with the demand, capacity and welfare survey.

The Federation aims to build a comprehensive picture of the issues facing officers on pay, morale and wellbeing. The results will be used to shape strategic direction and campaigns for fairer pay and conditions.

Matthew said: “We’re trying to avoid survey fatigue by joining the two surveys – but they’ll give us a clear picture of the issues our members are facing. With the cost of living crisis really biting and the rising workloads experienced by our members, it’s time to make our voices heard.

“We would love to see as many members as possible completing the survey. The more that do the stronger our position will be when we’re campaigning for better pay and conditions, and an improved pay system.

Police Federation national chair Steve Hartshorn added: “We greatly appreciate members taking the time to support the service by filling in this survey, the evidence and insights from the findings will be used to inform our policies and direction going forward. Your opinion matters to us, we are listening.

“The survey is open until October 3, and will ask questions around your feelings on workload, demand, wellbeing, welfare and pay. I would urge you not to miss out. Have your say.” 

Members will receive a link to the survey directly.