Derbyshire Police Federation

Health and safety lead

Mark Wright is Derbyshire Police Federation’s health and safety lead.

Mark has been with the Force since 2001 and has been a Federation member throughout his service. He has been a workplace representative since 2018 and took on the health and safety lead role at the start of this year after his predecessor, Tony Wetton, became branch chair.

Currently working in the business change and innovation department at headquarters, Mark has already undertaken the Federation’s initial reps’ course and has also completed courses in health and safety, post-incident procedures (PIP), conduct and performance, and equality. He now wants to further develop his knowledge in the health and safety arena and gain a National Examination Board in Occupational Health and Safety (NEBOSH) qualification.

He also wants managers to be better informed around equality matters so they can support their teams and put wellbeing for all officers to the fore and is keen to ensure that Federation representatives have the support they need so that they, in turn, can offer support to members.

“I want to ensure they are fit and well to continue to support members through some harrowing times. 2020 will be a year of wellbeing and I would like to  keep our workplace reps in a strong mental place, ‘doing good by keeping well’,” he explains.