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Frequently asked questions


Can I claim food expenses if I am retained on duty?

Yes, you can claim reasonable food expenses as long as you have receipts and it’s necessarily obtained.

Can I claim travelling expenses if I perform a split shift or I am recalled to duty between two tours?



Is paid family leave automatically pensionable?

Yes, members pay pension contributions on the salary they receive and in return it counts as pensionable service. 

What if I am on unpaid family leave?

If you’re on unpaid family leave and want to maintain your pensionable service for that period, you’ll have to make payments into your pension to cover this time.

What types of unpaid family leave can I buy back?

Under all three police pension schemes you can buy-back the following types of unpaid family leave:

  • Maternity leave
  • Maternity support leave
  • Adoption leave
  • Adoption support leave
  • Parental leave.

Contact the Force's pension administrator for further guidance.


This is a very broad subject area within Police Regulations and includes issues around professional standards, grievances and conduct and work-based performance and assessments, which can differ depending on rank and role.

Derbyshire Police Federation has trained representatives who can give members advice, support and representation on performance issues when it comes to conduct on duty, such as grievances or matters around professional standards. If you face conduct or performance issues, contact the Federation office or a workplace rep who will be able to support you discuss the possible outcomes.

ARC assessments

The detail is in the Quick Reference Guide but can be further explained by your Federation representative.

What do I need to do to pass an assessment under the Assessment and Recognition of Competence (ARC) scheme?

The ARC assessment is done before you can progress to Pay Point 4. The Performance Development Review (PDR) is the assessment mechanism for this. Sources of information are:

  • Page 12 of the QRG (Assessment and Recognition of Competence (ARC)) states that 'the College of Policing has developed a threshold competency assessment requirement to be applied as a national standard, through the PDR. This means that for a constable to progress to Pay Point 4 they must meet the required standard. This took effect in 2017.
  • Annex F of Police Regulations 2003 deals with this matter.

I need to have a satisfactory grade in my Performance Development Review (PDR) - what happens if I have not had a PDR?

There is an assumption that you have a satisfactory rating if the PDR is not carried out in a reasonable time by the Force. You must, of course, co-operate.

Page 12 of the QRG (Performance Development Review (PDR)) and PNB Circular 2014/24 (Paragraph 10) state that if PDR is not carried out 'there should be an assumption of competence, so as not to unfairly disadvantage the officer'.

What happens if I do not pass my assessment under the ARC scheme?

You will not be able to progress to the next Pay Point (4) if you fail this assessment. However, the PFEW lobbied for this to only apply to those on UPP, and successfully persuaded the employer of this, at the Police Negotiating Board.

PNB Circular 2014/24 states: "Any failure should result in an agreed action plan, with a timetable for necessary improvement and re-assessment (Paragraph 11) which must always take place within 12 months (Paragraph 12)."

What happens if I do not agree with the assessment of my line manager?

There is an appeals process, so talk to your Federation representative or the Federation office.

The College of Policing guidance on ARC makes it clear that the line manager is expected to be properly trained before undertaking ARC assessments, and to work with an officer to achieve success.

The guidance also states that 'every force is required to have and publicise an appeals process that is followed if a constable disagrees with their assessment outcome'.

What happens to my pay if I appeal and am successful?

The increase will be backdated to the time when your increment was due.

Annex F to the Police Regulations 2003 provides that where an appeal is upheld pay will be applied or back-dated from the due increment date (Paragraph 4).


What can I claim if I work on a rest day?

Where less than 15 days’ notice is given you are entitled to claim every 15 minute period worked at time and a half. Where 15 days notice (not including day of notification or the day worked) you will be given another rest day, which should be notified to you within four days of notification of the requirement to work.  For more information check the Quick Regulations Guide.

I work into my rest day after a night shift, what can I claim?

Where the period worked is less than 1 hour you are entitled to each 15 minute period at time and a half.  If the period worked is over an hour then a minimum period of 4 hours at time and a half is payable.

Please look in the Quick Reference Guide or contact the Federation office.

What happens if I work more than a tour or rostered shift on a rest day or Public Holiday?

Your entitlement is governed by Regulation 26 which covers rest day or public holiday working compensation - each 15 minute period worked is paid at the relevant rate (time and a half for rest days, double time for Public Holidays).

My rest day is cancelled, but then I am told I am not needed at work after all, what can I claim?

You can take the day as planned or work and claim compensation, depending on how much notice is given.

To find out more check the Quick Reference Guide or contact the Federation office or your workplace representative.