Derbyshire Police Federation


I had to remain at work at the end of my shift what can I claim?

Compensation for over-time is dealt with under Regulation 25, and Annexe G.

If you work over-time after your scheduled tour of duty, and you were not informed of the over-time prior to the start of this tour of duty, it is classed as unplanned over-time and you cannot claim over-time for the first 30 minutes worked, for the first 4 occasions in any week.

For example, if your tour of duty is 14.30 to 22.30, you cannot claim over-time until 23.00. Any over-time you work after that is paid at time and a third for each completed 15 minutes or, if you wish to claim time off, you are entitled to time and a third for each 45-minute period worked.

If you work unplanned over-time four times during the same week then on the fifth and any other occasion on which you may have to work over-time you no longer lose the first half hour for the rest of that week.

If you were asked to work over-time before your tour of duty started, this is planned over-time and you do not lose the first half an hour when calculating how much time you have worked over.

I had to remain at work at the end of my shift after nights going onto a rest day what can I claim?

You are entitled to claim each completed 15-minute period at time and a half for the first hour into your rest day.  After one hour, if you are required to remain on duty, you are entitled to a minimum of four hours at time and a half even if the period of over-time is less than four hours. You do not lose the first half an hour.

I was told I had to start my shift earlier than scheduled, what can I claim?

Where the time at which an officer is due to commence a rostered tour of duty is brought forward without due notice (i.e. less than eight hours notice) so starts duty on a day on which they have already completed their normal period of duty, the time for which they are on duty before the rostered start time is reckonable as overtime and also taken into account as part of that tour of duty.

The Force day commences at 7am.  If you are given more than eight hours notice of the duty change then your working day merely starts at the new time. If the time you are brought on at is before 7am following a period of rest days then you will be eligible to claim rest day compensation for the period up to 7am (minimum four hours) and the daily tour of duty then starts at 7am.

What can I claim if recalled to duty from home?

Travel time between home and your usual place of duty is generally not duty time.

Such travel time shall only be treated as a period of duty when you are:

  • Required to perform your normal daily period of duty in more than one tour (split duty) or recalled to work between two tours of duty and you travel to and from your home between tours
  • In calculating any period of over-time in respect of being recalled between two tours of duty, an officer can only claim for the time worked plus travelling time (one hour).
  • The minimum of four hours pay for a recall to duty has been abolished.

What do I get paid if I work after 8pm?

Federated officers receive an extra 10 per cent of their basic pay for all hours worked between 8pm and 6am, including over-time.

This payment is not pensionable and should be paid for each full hour actually worked. Where over-time is worked between 8pm and 6am, the allowance is still 10 per cent of basic pay, not 10 per cent of the over-time rate. The allowance is paid in full for each full hour worked.