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Warwickshire Police Federation

Restrictions on Private Life


Members must abstain from any activity which is likely to interfere with the impartial discharge of duty or is likely to give rise to the impression that the activity may do so. Police officers are also required not to take any active part in politics.


Membership of certain organisations

While the constraint on political activity does not prevent officers from being members of political parties in general, officers are banned from membership of the British National Party, Combat 18, and the National Front.


Other restrictions

Members must not reside at premises which are not approved by the chief officer. If a member is in provided accommodation, the chief officer’s permission is required to have a lodger or to sub-let. If a member is in receipt of a rent or housing allowance, the chief officer must be given notice before the member has a lodger or sub-lets.

Members must not wilfully refuse or neglect to discharge any lawful debt.


Business interests incompatible with membership of a police force

If a member has, or proposes to have, a business interest, s/he must give written notice to the chief officer who will determine whether or not the interest is compatible with the member concerned remaining a member of the force. The same applies if a relative included in the member’s family has, or proposes to have, a business interest if the member believes it could be seen as interfering with the impartial discharge of his/her duties (Regulations 7, 8 and 9 of Police Regulations 2003 apply).

Produced and issued by Research and Policy Support PFEW HQ - Updated October 2014, still correct August 2016