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Warwickshire Police Federation


See Regulation 35 and Annex V of Police Regulations 2003 for full details. For further information contact your JBB.


Reimbursement of medical charges

Reimbursement is available for NHS medical or dental charges incurred because of an injury received in the execution of duty without default on the part of the member.


Removal expenses

If a member is required to move house in the interests of efficiency, or if the move is due to the exigencies of duty, the police authority shall either reimburse the reasonable cost of removal or carry out the removal; reimburse expenses incurred in connection with the sale of the member’s former home; and reimburse expenses (such as estate agent’s fees, auctioneer’s and solicitor’s fees, stamp duty and expenses in connection with the redemption, transfer or taking out of a mortgage) incurred in connection with acquisition of the new home and incidental to the move.

To qualify for reimbursement, an item of expenditure must be necessary, reasonable and backed by a receipt.

These provisions do not generally apply to members initially joining a force. Special provisions apply to university scholars whose removal is the result of having finished their studies.

For further information contact your JBB, preferably in advance of a move.


Food and accommodation expenses

Members who are prevented in the course of a tour of duty or shift from obtaining a meal in their usual way will be reimbursed the difference between the meal obtained and the meal they would usually take in the course of that tour.

Members retained on duty beyond their normal daily period of duty or shift will be reimbursed the cost of any meal necessarily obtained.

Members will be reimbursed accommodation expenses necessarily incurred in connection with duty away from their usual place of duty or because of being retained on duty beyond their normal daily period of duty or shift.

In all cases receipts will need to be presented, and the expenditure must be reasonable.


Relevant travelling expenses

Members may be reimbursed relevant travelling expenses if required to perform the normal daily period of duty in more than one tour of duty, or if recalled to duty between two tours of duty. Expenses shall be reimbursed to the extent that they do not exceed such reasonable limit as the chief officer may fix. For more details contact your JBB.

Produced and issued by Research and Policy Support PFEW HQ - updated October 2014 still correct August 2016