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North Yorkshire Police Federation

NYPF Response to Record Number of Police Officers leaving NYP

11 August 2023

Press Release as of 10/8/23 by NYPF Chairman, Rob Bowles


"It is saddening to see the number of North Yorkshire Police Officers that are leaving the service. Unfortunately this is a reflection of a national trend and retention is a national and local problem.

North Yorkshire Police Officers are working diligently and professionally to protect the public but demand has continued to increase beyond resource. 

With Police Officers facing a 17% real terms pay cut since 2010 we must work towards pay restoration to ensure that we retain our highly skilled and dedicated workforce.

The national uplift programme is a step in the right direction but only places us slightly above the officer numbers that we had in 2010. Meanwhile demand has significantly increased; with many other services’ funding being cut the Police Service has had to pick up and deal with problems that would have been dealt with by other agencies. 

The UK population has also grown and 2010 police numbers are no longer sufficient to deal with 2023 demand.

A combination of increasing demand, and it’s associated pressures, along with over a decade of ever diminishing pay and conditions is undermining the ability of forces to retain its highly skilled workforce."