Humberside Police Federation

Christmas and New Year message from Humberside Police Federation Chair Lee Sims

21 December 2023

It's been said many times but it's always worth highlighting... Christmas and New Year are no holidays for many police officers. 

Many of you will be sacrificing your Christmas to be out there policing across our region and keeping all of us safe, at the expense of time at home with your loved ones.   

I want to emphasise our gratitude to you for your tireless commitment to the job. I would also like to thank your families, their continued support and sacrifice is what enables our Police Officers to continue doing their job during challenging times.  

Throughout 2023, your welfare has been a huge priority to us. And this festive season is no different. Christmas can be a tough time for some, so please reach out to colleagues, supervisors or the Federation if you need support.   

As we come to the end of another year, and I would like to take this opportunity on behalf of everybody at Humberside Police Federation to express our sincere thanks to you all for your hard work and dedication over 2023. 

We have been delighted to reward some of you with treats provided from Member Services colleagues as part of our FedMas campaign. 

2024 looks set to continue to challenge policing - but with a General Election on the horizon, it also presents an opportunity to remind politicians, the public and the press about the reality of the job, the challenges we face and the great work that you do.  

On behalf of Humberside Police Federation, I would like to wish all Police Officers and our Policing Family a Merry Christmas and a Happy and Healthy 2024. 

For those of you working over the Christmas and New Year period, look after each other and be safe.