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Dorset Police Federation

Membership & benefits

Regulation 4 of the Police Federation Regulations 1969, as amended, means that every police officer below the rank of superintendent is automatically a member of the Police Federation.

The Police Federation Regulations further provide for a Police Federation Voluntary Fund which pays for the day to day activities of the Federation and to which members must subscribe (Federation Subscription) in order to be eligible for the membership benefits.

Benefits of subscribing to the Voluntary Fund include, but are not limited to:

  • Provision of free legal advice, assistance and costs to members facing investigations brought against them for an offence committed in or founded upon something done in the performance or purported performance of police duties;
  • Provision of advice and representation with regard to misconduct proceedings;
  • Provision of advice and representation with regard to employment tribunals;
  • Offering advice to anyone suffering sexual, racial or other discriminatory harassment;
  • Assistance with grievance procedures;
  • Help with civil and criminal injury claims;
  • Consulting, negotiating and facilitating the most up to date health and safety elements for the job;
  • Provision of welfare advice and help on personal issues.

In addition there is:

  • A death benefit (£3,350) payable to the family promptly following the death of a member;
  • The option of joining the Dorset Police Federation Insurance Scheme with its range of benefits tailored to the needs of police officers;
  • Access to a range of services and discounts provided by third-party organisations as negotiated by the Federation on behalf of its members.

The cost of subscribing to the Voluntary Fund is £21.58 per month as of 1 January 2011. However, this is a tax deductible professional subscription resulting in an effective cost to the basic rate taxpayer of £17.27 per month.

For new recruits to the police service the subscription rate is reduced to £5.42 per month in their first year and £10.79 per month in their second (See JBB Circular 2013/014).

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