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Dorset Police Federation

Meet the team

Principal Officers

Anna Harvey


Anna Harvey


Ian Roe


Ian Roe

01202 223732

James Dimmack

Conduct and Performance Lead Officer

James Dimmck

01202 223732

Simon Kempton

National lead

Simon Kempton

01202 223732

Office Staff

Jackie Whitley

Office Manager

Jackie Whitley

01202 223732

Workplace reps

Below is the list of Dorset's workplace reps, who fulfil their federation duties on top of their normal roles.

New reps attend a New Reps Course, and then they can elect to attend other courses in the three main areas of equality, health and safety and discipline.

If a rep in the list below does not have any specialisms next to their name, it is due to them being elected as reps in the last election and they are awaiting courses - however, please do still contact them with queries as there will always be someone they can speak to if they need to.


Ash Adams 1107

Toni Buller 2603 ( Equality Lead Officer)

Mark Burton 2813

Julian Cadwallader 2716

Holly Damen 2744

Bryan Duffy 1287 (Discipline)

Ricky Fidler 1157 (Discipline)

Dave Hambleton 1620 (Discipline, Equality, H&S)

Steve Hughes 1627

Andy Lowe 1751

Lou Mitchell 2296

Tom Renshaw 1494

Andrew Robertson 1292 (Discipline, PIP)

Sandra Rigby 2840 (Wellbeing Lead)

Holly Spillman 2878

Karen Stacey 177

Tim Ward 2038 (Discipline, Equality, H&S)

Dave Went 2831

Mark Wooldridge 2426

Chris Wood 0505