Derbyshire Police Federation

Putting the focus on wellbeing

17 January 2022

As we are just two weeks into 2022, I feel it is still not too late to wish all members a very Happy New Year. And may I just take this opportunity to once again share my pride in being re-elected as chair of your branch for the next three years. I feel extremely privileged to be able to continue to represent Federation members and build on progress to date.

While 2021 undeniably bought with it a number of challenges, I must draw attention to one of the final events of the year that I attended, the Police Bravery Awards. This annual celebration of our courageous colleagues is always one of the highlights of the policing year and 2021 was no exception. Following shortly after the delayed 2020 awards which were held in October, it was a great honour to be surrounded by such bravery and I felt immense pride at being among all of the nominees for the 2021 awards.

One particular thing that really stood out for me on the night though was the huge impact the work we do can have on our mental health. I want to take this opportunity to encourage all members to get the support they need and to prioritise their own wellbeing as we move forward. Equally, take time to check in on colleagues and reach out to peers, as their faces might be telling a different story to how they say they are feeling.

Looking forward, I pledge to continue working with the Force, focusing on ensuring officers go home safe and well at the end of every shift. Furthermore, I hope to press for improvements in the way mental health, wellbeing, stress, menopause or any other issues are dealt with by the Force. I ask that if anyone has experiences in any of these areas, then please let me know as I would like to hear from you. Did you find it easy to get support? Was the support you received adequate? Where could improvements have been made?

Above everything else though, I want to put on record my commitment to continuing to do all I can to protect members, along with their welfare.

Whatever 2022 brings us, the selflessness and courage you have all shown over the past two years will not be forgotten. Here’s looking forward to a better year ahead.




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