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‘Mummy MOT’ health check available for members

9 February 2024

Branch secretary Kirsty Bunn has praised the Force for giving new mums the opportunity to have a funded post-birth physical health check.

Derbyshire Police Force has teamed up with Lizzie Smith, a Midlands-based pelvic health physiotherapist, to provide a ‘Mummy MOT’ to both officers and staff, who have recently had a baby.

The Mummy MOT, which is recommended for those who are around eight weeks post-birth includes the function, activation and strength of the postural, abdominal and pelvic floor muscles.

“I can’t praise the Force enough for providing this opportunity to new mums,” said Kirsty, who is a mother herself.

“Whether it is your first, second, third, or fourth child - having a baby is challenging. And for so many mums, they plough on and put up with any personal health concerns they might have, either because they haven’t got the time to worry about themselves but moreso because their baby is the priority.


Midlands-based pelvic health physiotherapist Lizzie Smith.


“Having the chance to receive a Mummy MOT will provide new mums with either peace of mind that their post-birth body is recovering well, or with guidance and advice should they require further support.

“I would encourage all members who are either preparing to have a baby or are reading this while on maternity leave, to take advantage of this opportunity.”

Kirsty said that with so many police officers in physically active roles, it is important that they prioritise their health, especially if they are returning to their job. 

“So many women speak out about feeling like they have to choose between policing and being a mum - they might feel anxious about returning to their role, especially if it’s a physically demanding job," she added.

“But times are changing. Women can be police officers and mums too - and giving new mums the chance to have a Mummy MOT hopefully helps to send that message to our members.”

Superintendent Becky Webster who helped form the partnership between Lizzie and the Force, said that she hopes that by offering the Mummy MOTs to new mums, officers will feel more ‘comfortable’ returning to work following maternity leave.

“Being a new mum can be lonely, full of all sorts of emotions and thinking about returning to work often only adds extra stress – for example, added worry for those who need to take the fitness test,” said mum-of-two Becky, whose children are 17 and 19. 

She added: “Hopefully giving new mums the chance to have a Mummy MOT demonstrates that the Force does care and values them as an individual. 

“We want to change the narrative and challenge out-dated views. We want people to know they can have children and achieve their professional goals too - they don’t have to pick one or the other anymore.”

Becky said that having access to a Mummy MOT when she was a new mum would have been ‘absolutely fantastic’.

“Childbirth can be traumatic and can have a real impact on the body. Each person’s experience is different, and Lizzie will offer bespoke advice and support for each new mum she sees," she continued.

“And all Mummy MOTs are entirely confidential and private, which is important to know because the conversations can be very personal."

The Mummy MOT assessment is funded by the Force and members will be able to book any further appointments at a blue-light discounted rate.

Information on booking a Mummy MOT is available via the Force intranet or through contacting a family leave SPOC in force. 

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