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Members urged to take part in pay and morale survey

6 November 2023

The more members who complete the Federation’s annual pay and morale survey, the louder our voices will be when campaigning for fairer pay and conditions, says Derbyshire Police Federation chair Tony Wetton.

And Tony said it will also have a bigger impact towards improving morale within Derbyshire Police.

Now he’s urging members to take part in this year’s survey, which is released today.

Tony said: “Our annual pay and morale survey is a really important way for us to find out the views of our members on a range of issues, so it’s vital all of their voices are heard.

“The findings will paint a clear picture of the realities of frontline policing for our members. The Police Federation of England and Wales will use the findings to help shape our national campaigns for better pay and conditions and to reform the current unfair pay mechanism.

“Locally in Derbyshire, chief officers and senior officers always look to the local results of the pay and morale survey from our own members.

“Very often in the Force meetings I attend the previous results are referred to and future survey results are anticipated. It really does make a difference to decisions and plans going forward.  

“The results of the past two years’ surveys, with the dire message about the level of morale among Derbyshire officers, has driven much of the work done to address some of the issues raised.

“Operation Resolve was born out of the Federation pay and morale survey and the Force’s staff survey.

“It really is important that everyone has their say about how they feel working in Derbyshire Police – positive as well as negative – so we get a true and balanced sense of where we are and what needs improving.

“And the more officers who complete the survey the louder we will be. We’re so much stronger together,” Tony added.

Full details about the survey will be sent to members and it is open until Monday 11 December.

It will help the Police Federation of England and Wales (PFEW) find out the views of frontline officers on a range of key issues.

PFEW will then use the findings to support its ongoing campaigns for fair remuneration for officers and for an independent pay mechanism.

Last year’s survey found that personal morale in Derbyshire was among the lowest in the country with 63 per cent of Derbyshire Police Federation respondents saying their morale was low or very low. Only the West Mercia and Dorset police forces had a higher figure.

The main reasons for low morale was how police are treated by the Government (94 per cent), pay (85 per cent), and how police are treated by the public (80 per cent).

It also found that 86 per cent of members felt they were financially worse off than five years ago.

More than four out five (82 per cent) said they were dissatisfied or very dissatisfied with their overall remuneration, while 12 per cent reported never or almost never having enough money to cover all their essentials.

Members will be sent full details of how to take part in the survey.

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