Derbyshire Police Federation

Re-opening of the Police Treatment Centres

30 April 2021

The Police Treatment Centres (PTC) have re-opened this week following months of closure due to the Covid-19 pandemic.

In line with the Government’s roadmap out of lockdown, the charity is once again able to support members of the police family, having been forced to temporarily shut its doors in January.

The Psychological Wellbeing Programme at the centres will be running at normal capacity, but reduced numbers will be treated through the Physiotherapy Programme. 

Due to current restrictions, hospitality bed and breakfast weekends will not be taking place at the moment and those staying at the centres will not be able to be joined by their families at the weekend. 

The re-opening of the centres coincides with the hand-over of the new Clinical Services Wing, a multi-million-pound project that will increase the number of bedrooms at the Harrogate centre by 20. The refurbishment also provides extra counselling rooms, new complementary therapy rooms and an increased clinical workshop space and meeting facilities. 

The PTC are contacting all of those who have had residential treatment cancelled due to the pandemic. However, if you believe you should have received a phone call and have not, then you are advised to contact their Admissions Team.

The treatment centres support present and past employees of the police, as well as their loved ones, with treatment for psychological and physical injuries, conditions or illnesses.

Subscription to the PTC costs £7.80 per pay period. Sign up.



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