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PTC amnesty ends soon: Assaulted Fed rep urges members to sign up

29 October 2021

A Derbyshire Police Federation workplace representative who was seriously assaulted while on duty is encouraging members to take advantage of the current Police Treatment Centres (PTC) amnesty after he received support from the charity following the attack. 

PC Steve Reid spent time at the PTC in Harrogate, received counselling through the charity and took part in a two-week wellbeing programme after he was slashed twice across the face, having been called to a robbery in 2019.

He is now urging his colleagues to become a member of the PTC, which is holding an amnesty up until the end of October which means serving and retired officers can currently access treatment without having to wait the normal 12 months. The amnesty also applies to PCSOs, Special Constables, as well as detention and custody officers.

“I would advise any officers, especially the new recruits, to sign up to become a PTC member because you’ll never know when you will need to use it,” said Steve.

“It was really helpful having that place to go. My injuries were very, very visible, I wanted to get away. I almost wanted to be anonymous. It was a break and the staff were there if I needed them.

“Now is the best time to get signed up.”

During the incident, Steve who has been in the Force for 20 years, tried to detain a man who was carrying “an object” and trying to get into houses. In an attempt to stop him harming anybody else, Steve found himself the victim of a life-changing assault.

“I don’t think I’ll ever learn to accept it but I can talk about it now,” said Steve, who at first refused to leave the house without a hoodie and baseball cap, due to the severity of his injuries.

“I can’t even drive past the location where it happened. And I can’t return to the frontline. I’m now in an office-based job, as part of the Digital Media Investigator Team.”

On Thursday 16 September, nearly two years after the incident, Richard Jefford (39) the man who assaulted Steve was sentenced to 10 years in prison at Derby Crown Court, after pleading guilty to causing grievous harm with intent.

“Justice has finally been served. He got the maximum sentence for the crime he committed,” added Steve, “And although it can’t change what happened, it has allowed me to close that chapter. Me and my family can put this behind us now.”

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