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Officers need “clarity” on pensions, says Federation

16 February 2021

The Police Federation of England and Wales (PFEW) says officers approaching retirement need “clarity” on their pension options.

Responding to the public consultation on pensions reforms, Alex Duncan, national Federation secretary, said it was positive the Government had now chosen to implement the remedy to the discrimination found in the implementation of the 2015 police pension scheme through the deferred choice underpin option, which the Federation recommended in October 2020.

But he said it meant a further delay for those members close to retiring who “need and deserve” answers.

Alex said: “While it is positive that the Government has chosen to use deferred choice to implement the remedy, it is disappointing that those who are due to retire soon still don’t have the clarity they need and deserve to be able to make a decision about their retirement.

“We will be involved in the consultation on the primary legislation and will be seeking legal advice on certain aspects of the implementation throughout the process.

“In particular we are scrutinising the updated Equality Impact Assessment to ensure that no unjustifiable discrimination is caused as a result of remedying the existing discrimination,” he added.

Remedy Q and A – 11 February 2021.

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