Derbyshire Police Federation

Neurodiversity conference invites attendees to ‘think big’

4 November 2021

This year’s National Neurodiversity in Policing Conference from the College of Policing, the second such event, is entitled “Think Different – Think Big”.

It aims to nurture a greater awareness of the neurological conditions that an officer may encounter in their daily work, both from the public and from their own colleagues.

The sessions take place online from 16 - 30 November, but places for some talks are limited and you are advised to book as quickly as possible.

A spokesperson for the conference said: “Our ambition for our shared work, of which the conference is an important part is that we become a more inclusive police service, where neurodiversity is seen as the asset it is. We need to think differently – and in doing so we want to think big. We want to change policing.”

Speakers include the National Police Chiefs’ Council lead for neurodiversity Alexis Poole, National Police Autism Association chair John Nelson and the College of Policing’s head of diversity and inclusion Fiona Eldridge.

Other highlights include Dr Katie Maras, deputy director for the Centre for Applied Autism Research at the University of Bath, will explain differences in the way that autistic individuals think and communicate and how that might manifest in police and employment interviews.

And Inspector Adam O’Loughlin of Avon and Somerset Police will speak about his own experience of being diagnosed with autism.

Margaret Heffernan, a leading thinking on leadership and responsibility, whose talks have been viewed 12 million times online will explore how policing can create workplaces where all can contribute and thrive.

Derbyshire Police Federation chair Tony Wetton said: “I encourage all members to look at the sessions on offer and sign-up for those of interest. This conference will cover a wide range of issues and can help officers develop their knowledge. There will also be support and practical advice for anyone who thinks they may have a neurological condition to take the next steps.”

To attend, email and request more details and a booking form.




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