Derbyshire Police Federation

Members attend pensions presentation

15 September 2021

Almost 90 Derbyshire Police Federation members took advantage of an online pensions evening led by the national Federation secretary and vice-chair.

Alex Duncan and Ché Donald explained how the pension remedy, designed to put right the discrimination found in the introduction of the 2015 Police Pension Scheme, came about and how it may affect serving officers.

The Teams meeting, held on Tuesday 7 September, was attended by 87 members who were also able to hear an input from Andrew Benning of Police Money Matters who explained the provisions of the three police pension schemes.

Kirsty Bunn, secretary of Derbyshire Police Federation, who organised the session said afterwards: “We have received great feedback from this session. Many people thanked the Federation for being able to explain the impact of the pension changes, the proposed remedy to the discrimination found and the impact this may have on individuals.

“As a result of the evening, I have been collating names of individuals who would like a financial review carried out by Police Money Matters. These will be organised according to how close officers are to retirement with those closest to leaving the Force being seen first as they will need to make their financial decisions sooner. So far almost 70 people have requested one-to-ones.”

If you would like to arrange a financial review with Police Money Matters, please contact the Federation office.



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