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Limited time only: treatment centres offer immediate treatment for new joiners

16 August 2021

For a limited time only, officers can sign up for The Police Treatment Centres (PTC) and access treatment without having to wait 12 months to qualify.

During September and October, the PTC will be running an amnesty, which will mean that serving and retired officers can donate to the charity and be eligible to receive treatment immediately.

The amnesty also applies to PCSOs, Special Constables, as well as detention and custody officers.

Derbyshire Police Federation chair Tony Wetton has welcomed the amnesty: “The PTC is giving the police family a great opportunity here and I’m encouraging all members to make the most of it.

“After such a challenging 18 months, I anticipate there will be a huge demand for the services offered by the PTC. It’s more important than ever right now for members to prioritise their physical and mental health by getting the treatment they need.”

The PTC is a registered charity, which offers treatment to both serving and retired police officers following an illness or injury. There are two centres, one in Harrogate, Yorkshire, and the other in Auchterarder, Perthshire. A remote physiotherapy service is also offered.

“Not only will this two-month amnesty benefit members who need such vital care but it will hopefully encourage more people to support the PTC too,” added Tony.

“The PTC is a fantastic charity, which has helped so many members get back on their feet. Let’s not forget how tough recent times have been for organisations like the PTC too.”

During the two-month amnesty, the PTC team will be hosting virtual information sessions on Teams, to help officers gain a better understanding of the support available. 

These will be held on:

7 September, 10am: Tour of Castlebrae, Auchterarder

8 September, 10am: Tour of St Andrews, Harrogate

15 September, 10am: Physiotherapy information session

16 September, 10am: Psychological wellbeing information session

29 September, 10am: Amnesty update and Q & A session

6 October, 10am: Tour of Castlebrae, Auchterarder

7 October, 10am: Tour of St Andrews, Harrogate

13 October, 10am: Physiotherapy information session

14 October, 10am: Psychological wellbeing information session

26 October, 10am: Amnesty update and Q & A session.

To book onto one of the sessions email





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