Derbyshire Police Federation

Get to know your Federation reps: Lesley Smith

17 September 2021

A desire for “a new challenge and to give something back” is what motivated Sergeant Lesley Smith to become a Federation workplace representative.

These were the same motives that prompted her to become a police officer in 2002. Her genuine desire to help others has served her well and she is now a sergeant on the South Investigation Hub.

Outside of her professional duties, Lesley, who was elected as a rep in the latest Federation elections this summer, is also a Blue Light Champion and sits on the neuro-diversity working group.

Lesley has first-hand knowledge of navigating the system herself through her own experiences of working part-time.

She explained: “As a mum of two - three if you count the dog - I understand the needs of being a working parent. I’ve submitted lots and lots of work-life balance applications and negotiated with staff members and officers around those issues.

“I also understand some of the other demands of family – my daughter was recently diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder and I know how hard that can be for a parent.”

Wellbeing is a special area of interest for Lesley, and she’s looking forward to learning about police regulations and helping members with queries and supporting them through difficult times.

She’s also ready to face the challenges of her new role.

Lesley said: “I want to helping to achieve balance between the organisation and what individuals want or need. For me this is where open, honest discussions and the right support come in.

“One of the big challenges is the ongoing impact of Covid-19. We still don’t know what the overall impact will be on staffing levels and officer wellbeing, not only physically but emotionally.

“However, as a sergeant and now a Fed rep, I want to be there to help as part of the ‘work family’ that’s such a wonderful – and vital – part of policing.”




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