Derbyshire Police Federation

Get to know your Federation reps: Keith Chambers

15 September 2021

Inspector Keith Chambers came to policing late in life after a career in retail management and manufacturing, seeking the challenge of a job where he could “really make a difference”.

Having joined the Force in 2000, he is now LPU Inspector at Derby West. Keith became a workplace representative this month following the Federation elections.

Explaining why he put himself forward for the role, he said: “I simply to want to improve the lives of officers on a daily basis and be committed to supporting those that, unfortunately, become involved in protracted disciplinary investigations.” 

He says his experience outside of the Force also contributed to his desire to become a rep.

“I have experience leading people inside and outside the organisation and so have a different perspective to a career officer,” he added.

“Because of this, I have the confidence to hold people and the organisation to account where it is appropriate to do so.”

As a new rep, Keith says he is most looking forward to “meeting new colleagues across the organisation and supporting members in crisis, helping to take as much stress away from them as possible.”

He adds: “For this reason, I want to specialise in misconduct and equality issues.”

Keith is also prepared to meet the demands of the job.

“The Government is seemingly intent on taking more and more from policing without giving anything back. We need to counter this by getting members to continue to buy into the Federation and see what we can achieve together,” he said.

However, Keith knows there are other challenges on the horizon: “For example, the many new recruits joining as part of the officer uplift – we will need to manage the expectations of a new, younger workforce in line with the expectations of traditional policing methods.”

What advice would he give to these new recruits?

“Ensure you know what you are coming into – both the good and the bad. Yes, we work shifts, we deal with difficult situations and sometimes we get hurt, but this is an amazing job that will provide some incredible memories and experiences,” he said.



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