Derbyshire Police Federation

Get to know your Fed reps: Steve Reid

23 September 2021

Steve Reid has encouraged new officers to join Derbyshire Police Federation.

Steve, a newly-elected Federation workplace representative who has been with the Force for 20 years, has offered his advice to recruits.

“You never know at what stage you might need the Police Federation, or for that matter the Police Treatment Centres,” he said, “The Federation will support you and be there to offer or signpost to other agencies who may be able to help.”

Steve added: “I would say is there are four Es that may get you thinking.

“Embrace the learning you’ve already achieved. I am still learning some 20 years on.

Evaluate everything you do. We’re human and have to make on-the-spot decisions that may be scrutinised weeks or months down the line

Explore different opportunities within the Force. Working on section, response, local policing unit is one of the hardest jobs in the Force and years ago, there was little acknowledgment of the good work done.

“We’re all human and don’t get it right all of the time. However if you get it right first time, especially if it goes to a different department then there can be little criticism coming back.

“If you make a genuine mistake then raise it and it can then be looked at to try to resolve or for service recovery.

“And enjoy. You’ve joined a unique organisation. Enjoy your career whatever avenue you go down. There’ll be good times and shifts as well as the bad times and shifts, but we’re all part of the policing family.”

Steve spent 18 years on South Division Response and is currently in crime support as a digital media investigator based at Force HQ.

He put himself forward to be a rep after receiving support from the Federation and was elected in August following the triennial elections.

Steve explained: “I put myself forward as, since 2019, the Federation has been there to support me through an injury at work and the subsequent returning back to work and court process.

“I’ve also used the services of the Police Federation during my service. I feel I have different skills to offer, and feel like I’d be able to offer my experiences with regards to the wellbeing of officers.”

Steve said his experience is something he can use to support his colleagues.

Having been a frontline police officer for most of my career, I have an understanding of how difficult the role is and can be,” he explained.

“There are times throughout your service where there may be challenges at work, either through misconduct procedures or something happening in your personal circumstances that may have an impact at work.”

He added: “I’m looking forward to learning a new set of skills, enhanced by my own experiences and to learn from existing Federation representatives of how we can assist officers with any issues that they may encounter.”

A particular area of interest is wellbeing, he said. “Having undergone counselling and enhanced counselling, this is a big area for some people who may not know how to access the services to them.”

And he acknowledges there are challenges ahead for the Police Federation as a whole.

“Maintaining the ongoing battle for officers’ rights and welfare when they’re seriously assaulted and injured on duty and to fight for tougher sentencing at courts,” he said, “And fighting for police officers’ pension rights and entitlements.

“For Derbyshire Police Federation, I think the challenge is looking after members and their rights, not only when it comes to misconduct or UAP/UPP, but also looking after their welfare and wellbeing, with the support of the executive team.”


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