Derbyshire Police Federation

Free ‘laughter webinar’

11 March 2021

Officers are being given the chance to take part in a free 30-minute webinar to help combat unhelpful thoughts through laughter and happiness.

Laughology, a national organisation specialising in training built around the psychology of humour, will be holding the session on Wednesday 24 March.

The 30-minute session will support participants in changing the way they think, as well as helping them understand resilience and how they can bounce back or feel stronger.

Derbyshire Police Federation chair Tony Wetton, who is encouraging members to sign up, said: “Given the ongoing pandemic, life can seem extremely challenging at the moment. Webinars like this encourage people to have a laugh and perhaps look at situations that they might find stressful in a different way.

“A combination of lockdown and the weather has made it difficult for us all to get out and enjoy fresh air or regular face-to-face interaction with others. This is having an impact on everybody’s mental health and wellbeing, so taking part in sessions like this could be what we all need right now.”

Organisers of the webinar say that the main aim of the session is to have a laugh and get that much-needed interaction with other like-minded people.

The session will be led by Laughologists Kerry Leigh and Laura Drury.

The webinar runs between 12.30 and 1pm.

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