Derbyshire Police Federation

Free ‘happiness’ webinars available for members

11 May 2021

A set of webinars to help boost positivity, while improving mental health and wellbeing are being offered to officers and they are all totally free.

Derbyshire Police Federation members are being invited to sign up to the online sessions, which are being hosted by Laughology, an organisation built around the psychology of humour, laughter and happiness. 

The first webinar, which took place on Tuesday (11 May) during Mental Health Awareness Week, was called ‘Taking Positive Action in Challenging Times’ and aimed to help viewers take the first steps positively changing their mood.  

Federation chair Tony Wetton has welcomed the sessions and is encouraging all members to sign up if they get the chance. 

“I understand that everybody is extremely busy but if they are able to take time out of their day to get involved with these webinars, I would really encourage them to do so,” said Tony. 

“We all find it difficult to prioritise our own mental health but after such a challenging 12 months, I think that it’s more important than ever that we all have a look at our own wellbeing and see if it needs taking care of.

“These webinars might be just what we need to improve not only our mental health but also give us a prompt to reach out to our colleagues and loved ones too. Of course, it’s an added bonus that our members can sign up to these for free.”

On Wednesday 26 May, a one-hour webinar exploring how humour can be used as a tool to encourage new ideas will take place. 

The final session will be taking place on 2 July. Lasting 35 minutes, it aims to help viewers get their drive and ‘oomph’ back.

“With the webinars taking place across three separate dates and each being either half an hour or one-hour long, I’d like to think that our members should be able to find at least one session that suits them,” added Tony.

Members can now sign up for the following webinars:

‘Innovation is a joke – how to create a culture of innovation and growth in tech’, Wednesday 26 May 

‘Finding your oomph – getting your motivation and drive back’, Friday 2 July.






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