Derbyshire Police Federation

Find out more about your pension

26 April 2021

Active members of the police pensions schemes are being reminded that they can find out about their pension benefits online.

The Force’s pensions administrators, XPS Administration, offer the Member Self-Service (MSS) system which allows members to use benefit projectors* and view their annual benefit statement online.

XPS has had discussions with members over the phone and via email in recent months and it has become clear that many are unaware of the self-service system.

XPS would encourage all members of the police pension schemes to create an account on the system and use the benefit projectors to find out more information regarding their prospective benefits.

Please note at present the projectors only base the pension figures on the regulations as they stand and do not take into account the McCloud/Sargeant Remedy. More information regarding remedy can be located on the legal challenge pages of the XPS website

There is support on hand for anyone who has any difficulty in signing in or using the site.

Visit the secure MSS site.

Guide to using the site.

If members have issues logging on they should contact the XPS systems team on 01642 030695 or

*The benefit projector calculator is accurate in the vast majority of cases and will show you the approximate value of your pension benefits when you retire. However, your personal circumstances may change between now and when you retire which means that your pension benefits will change as well.




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