Derbyshire Police Federation

Federation chair backs calls for officers to receive “thank you” payment

1 February 2021

Derbyshire Police Federation chair Tony Wetton believes officers should be awarded a “thank you” in recognition of their efforts during the Covid-19 pandemic.

The Police Federation of England and Wales (PFEW) has asked for officers to receive the one-off payment, in addition to a three per cent pay rise, as part of its annual submission to the Police Remuneration Review Body (PRRB). The submission is made in conjunction with the Superintendents’ Association.

“Our officers have remained on the frontline throughout the UK’s response to this pandemic so they thoroughly deserve some kind of recognition and appreciation,” said Tony.

“They continue to face immense pressure, working hard to keep communities safe, helping to protect the NHS and all the time putting themselves and their loved ones at risk from the virus.

“Their job is unique and challenging at the best of times but the last 10 months have been particularly difficult. We know that the Government has put in place a pay freeze for much of the Public Sector and has directed the independent pay review body to observe that but it is absolutely clear that police officers deserve better than that.  They deserve a ‘thank you’ for their contribution to getting the country through the pandemic. It would go some way to improving morale and recognising their critical role in the nation’s response to Covid-19.”

Alex Duncan, national Federation secretary, said asking for an increase in officer pay after the public sector pay freeze announcement may seem pointless but was necessary.

He explained: “Police officers have been at the forefront of this pandemic and continue to put themselves and their families at risk, working long hours every day to keep the public safe during these unprecedented times.”

The Federation also questions the Government’s pay freeze decision when the Spending Review awarded forces with budgets to include officers being recognised for their work during the pandemic.

Alex added: “The Home Secretary states in the remit letter that the Government only took that decision in extraordinary circumstances but this is the fifth out of seven PRRB rounds that vital evidence has been completely disregarded, 

“Vital work goes into informing submissions made to the PRRB and it is disheartening to see this being ignored time and time again. You cannot blame us for questioning whether this process is effective.”

The Federation will seek the three per cent pay rise for all officers and a ‘thank you’ payment on the basis that an uplift is feasible and that the private sector has rewarded key workers with a similar payment. 


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