Derbyshire Police Federation

Face up to your money worries

23 March 2021

Members are being encouraged to talk about their money worries as part of Debt Awareness Week.

Derbyshire Police Federation chair Tony Wetton says worrying about your finances can impact your mental health as he signposted members to a new debt advice factsheet.

Tony said: “We know that worrying about money can impact our mental health, and poor mental health can make earning and managing money harder. It becomes like a vicious circle.

“If you have money worries, it’s important to talk about them before the situation gets worse.

“It can help enormously and give you some relief to share a problem and know you’re not facing it alone.

“There’s a lot of help out there, including Police Mutual’s new debt awareness guide which offers free tips to improve your financial wellbeing and information on where you can get support.  There’s also the credit unions (No1 CopperPot and Police Credit Union) who may be able to help.  Other financial information is available on the financial support page of our website.”

The factsheet has been produced by Police Mutual, which provides financial services and welfare support to the police service, for Debt Awareness Week, which runs from 22 to 28 March.

Tips for improving your financial wellbeing include working out your budget; managing debt and setting savings goals.

Download the factsheet now.



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