Derbyshire Police Federation

Dates released for female-only fitness tests

17 February 2021

Further dates have now been released for the Force’s female only Job-Related Fitness Tests up until the end of July, with Covid-19 restrictions in place.

With numbers reduced due to the ongoing pandemic, there will be no more than three runners and two trainers at any one time during each test. 

The two-day fitness tests will take place either at Ripley or Chesterfield on the following dates:

Ripley: 6/7 April 

Ripley: 13/14 April

Ripley: 17/18 May

Ripley: 27/28 May

Ripley: 14/15 June

Ripley: 23/34 June

Chesterfield: 14/15 July

Chesterfield: 19/20 July.

Derbyshire Police Federation secretary Kirsty Bunn, who helped secure the women-only fitness tests more than two years ago, said: “We’ve worked hard to reintroduce these tests after they were initially put on hold due to the Covid-19 crisis.

“It’s really important that we offer women-only tests, after the Federation and Force’s Equality Unity were made aware that many women were feeling apprehensive about taking part alongside their male colleagues.”

Both nationally and locally the pass rate for female officers is lower than that of male officers, so the women-only tests aim to combat the anxiety of participants.

“We believe taking the tests alongside their male colleagues definitely influenced how women felt about it,” Kirsty added, “We are not seeking any preferential treatment for women and want it to confirm that the standard of fitness test 5:4 is not being compromised.

“These tests simply offer an alternative to women officers who want to be in an all-female environment, which they may be more comfortable with.”

Women who want to continue to take the fitness test in mixed groups can still opt to do so.

If your JRFT is due and you would like the opportunity to attend one of these sessions, please send an email to Force Training with the date of your training and stating your preference for a women-only test.

The Operational Training Team can offer support and advice to anyone concerned about the test.



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