Derbyshire Police Federation

Cost of Policing: have your say

29 July 2021

Federation members are being urged to share their views in a review of the structure of the Force being carried out as part of the Cost of Policing programme.

Derbyshire Police Federation secretary Kirsty Bunn is hoping as many officers as possible will take part in the review.

“Federation members know what is working and perhaps what isn’t,” said Kirsty, “As such, they are in a really good position to help shape the future of the Force for the benefit of all those who work within Derbyshire Police but especially for the communities we serve.”

Officers and staff are being asked to volunteer to attend a series of focus groups being held across the Force area by John Coxhead of the East Midlands Police Academic Collaboration (EMPAC).

If you are unable to attend a focus group, you can take part in a survey to allow you to put forward your ideas.

You can also submit ideas through Connect.

The review is being led by Superintendent Jed Keen and sits under Deputy Chief Constable Kate Meynell.

The DCC said: “It is imperative that we provide a good quality service to all our communities and perform to the best of our ability. We want to involve the workforce in a consultation exercise, to get your ideas and opinions around what does and doesn’t work.

“We are approaching this as a blank canvas, looking to identify opportunities to allocate appropriate resources and ensure we are getting things right first time. This isn’t about job losses or reducing numbers, but we need to ensure that we deliver a consistent service to communities across Derbyshire.

“For those of you working daily on the frontline, you will know what you need to do your job, where the gaps are, where you think resources are wasted – all these things we need to know. I would ask that you take the time to feed into this programme, your opinions matter and you can really help to shape our operating model to make sure it works for us all.”





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