Derbyshire Police Federation

Chris and Lauren keep it in the family

24 June 2021

Derbyshire Police Federation chair Tony Wetton has welcomed a new father and daughter duo to the Force.

PC Chris Clayton has served with the Force for 28 years, mostly covering Derby West where his 19-year-old daughter Lauren has just started as a PCSO.

Tony said: “We welcome Lauren to Derbyshire and to whatever her future with us holds.

“I am sure Chris is immensely proud of her and what a rare opportunity for us to have a father and daughter team working together to serve and protect the public.”

Chris said: “I’m chuffed Lauren has joined Derbyshire which was all her own doing. It seems like only yesterday I was carrying her on my shoulders up the mountains of the Lake District in the hope she would be inspired by the breath-taking panoramic views, only to be crushed at her delight at getting a phone signal!

“We’ve always had a good, strong and understanding relationship and share a lot of values such as her Herculean work ethic. I honestly didn’t mind driving her round her morning paper round after a night shift from time to time.”

He added: “I could wax lyrical about catching burglars in the act four times, tipping a suspect out of a wheelie bin, thanks to the helicopter, or catching Derby’s most wanted burglar who was so incensed we had caught him that on the way to custody he showed us where the second most wanted burglar was and he conveniently stepped out of the house so we caught him too.

“But it’s the working with a shift who, without prompting, are prepared to turn out and lend support when needed, that makes the job everything it is and I know Lauren will barge my shadow out of the way and be an asset to any shift. I can’t wait to see what her career has in store for her.”

Lauren said she hopes to follow in her Dad’s footsteps and become a PC: “I hope to pursue a career as a police officer one day and am really looking forward to exploring different areas of the Force and the new challenges they will bring.”



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