Derbyshire Police Federation

Beware of phishing

19 April 2021

Derbyshire branch chair Tony Wetton says members are the first line of defence in protecting the Federation, the Force and themselves from cyber attacks.

His comments come as a new free guide has been produced to raise awareness of phishing, the most common form of cyber attack.

Tony said: “With the use of digital communications continuing to rise, we’ve also seen phishing scams rise. Cyber criminals are sending ever more sophisticated scam emails to try to trick you out of personal information, money or log-in details.”

“The Federation has produced a handy guide to explain what phishing is and what you can do to stay protected, and we’d encourage you to read it.”

If you’re suspicious of an email follow these steps: 

  • When in doubt, throw it out
  • Think before you act
  • Use stronger authentication
  • Be wary of hyperlinks
  • Contact IT if you’re unsure.

Tony added: “While we have controls in place to protect our networks and computers, you’re the first line of defence against these cyber threats.”

Read the phishing awareness guide.


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