Derbyshire Police Federation

Access information and offers through DBT

14 October 2021

Federation members are being reminded that they can sign up to be members of the Derbyshire Benevolent Trust (DBT) to access a wealth of information and special offers.

DBT is independent of the Force and Federation. It offers services exclusively to serving and retired officers and staff. It also manages a Group Insurance Scheme which provides comprehensive cover for members paying a monthly premium.

You can register to be a member at, with all registrations being manually checked for eligibility.

Once approved for membership, you can access more details about the Group Insurance Scheme as well as find out about all the latest member offers and discounts.

In addition, the DBT website publishes information about healthy lifestyle and wellbeing with a recent feature offering advice on how to switch off from work and another offering healthy eating tips for shift workers. 

Visit the DBT website.


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