Derbyshire Police Federation

Survey for officers leaving the Force

10 February 2020

Derbyshire Police Federation chair Tony Wetton is encouraging officers leaving the Force to complete a questionnaire on their experience of policing.

The Federation’s leavers’ survey is directed at officers retiring or leaving the service in the next three months.

It is an ongoing, anonymous study that aims to explore why officers are leaving policing.

Tony said: “This is a really important questionnaire and responses will help the Federation to understand more about the reasons officers have for leaving the police service.

“It will help us to establish whether they are getting what they want out of a career in the police. The results are important for us to learn lessons, to address issues and ensure changes can benefit existing and future officers.”

The same survey carried out between October 2017 and April 2019 found that 51 per cent of officers leaving the service said their morale had a large part to play in their decision to exit and 40 per cent admitted stress was one of the reasons.

The findings also revealed that psychological health as an issue with 41 per cent highlighting this was a driving factor and 39 per cent saying their physical health contributed to their decision.

Fill out the questionnaire.


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