Derbyshire Police Federation

Specials to be allowed to join the Federation

8 June 2020

A move to allow Special Constables to join the Police Federation has been applauded by Derbyshire branch chair Tony Wetton.

Under current legislation Special Constables in England and Wales are not allowed to be Federation members. But the Police Powers and Protections Bill which is due before MPs later this year will seek to allow them to sign up for membership.

Tony said: “The current crisis has ably demonstrated the important role Specials play in helping the Force serve and protect our communities. Collectively, Specials give up hundreds of hours to work alongside our members,  facing the same risks and coming across many of the same challenges.

“It seems only right and proper that they should have the same representation, support and protection as their colleagues who are Federation members.

“We look forward to welcoming them,” he added.

In a blog, the Federation’s national professional development lead, Dave Bamber, said the change was not before time.

“I’m delighted that, following discussions with the Home Secretary and other Government officials to facilitate a change in law, Specials will be included as part of the Federation’s remit in the Police Powers and Protections Bill, expected this autumn,” he said.

“This inclusion will allow Specials to receive the same representation as full-time police officers and allows the vital work they do to be officially recognised. I am delighted we will be able to give Special Constables the protection in the workplace that they so richly deserve.”

Dave added: “Time and again during the COVID-19 pandemic I have been impressed and humbled by the way in which Special Constables have stepped up and worked alongside their full-time colleagues to serve the public when they needed it the most.”



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