Derbyshire Police Federation

‘Shame on you’: Fed’s message to public flouting restrictions

15 April 2020

Derbyshire Police Federation chair Tony Wetton has a simple message for those who force officers into their last resort of issuing a ticket for not complying with the Government movement restrictions: ‘Shame on you’.

Speaking on Radio Derby, Tony said the Force was delighted that so many people had been fully supportive of the instructions to stay at home to protect lives during the coronavirus pandemic.

But he added there was a tiny majority of people who were still ignoring police instructions.

“Thanks to all of those people who are doing the right thing and only going outside for the correct reasons,” says Tony. “We are grateful for the overwhelming support we have had from the public of Derbyshire and for every negative comment we have had, we have also had many, many people show support for the job we are doing every day.

“We always engage with people first but if you are one of the people who still doesn’t comply and forces an officer to go to the last resort of issuing you with a ticket, shame on you.”

Despite facing up to their owns threats while policing the current lockdown, Tony says officers are determined to engage and educate in a bid to protect the NHS and save lives.

“We are facing a national health emergency and police have a role to play in that,” added Tony. “We will keep Derbyshire safe as always. We will protect the NHS and we will do everything we can to make the Government restrictions effective in protecting people against the virus.

“Police officers are human and facing up to the threat of a virus that they can’t see, which makes them anxious. But we will keep going towards the danger and we will deal with the issues that we are presented with.”

Tony told Radio Derby listeners that the Force was experiencing less illness than had been expected at the start of the lockdown and that measures that had been put in place to make social distancing a high priority had probably played a part in that.

He also painted a good picture on the issue of PPE for members saying: “There has been some really good decisions made around PPE and officers have been given guidance around what to wear in certain circumstances. The PPE we have in Derbyshire is good and there is enough to go around.”



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