Derbyshire Police Federation

PCC names chosen candidate for new Chief

11 August 2020

Rachel Swann has spoken of her excitement and pride at being selected as the Police and Crime Commissioner’s chosen candidate to be the next Derbyshire Chief Constable.

Rachel, who has been the Force’s Deputy Chief Constable since February 2019, says she is grateful for the opportunity to lead the Force.

“I am feeling the usual mix of excitement, privilege – Derbyshire is a great place and it is my privilege to be a leader in it – and also the normal feelings of a tiny bit of apprehension. I would not be human if I didn’t think that. It is a big job and a huge responsibility but it’s one I take very seriously. I want to get it right for everyone in the Force and for the communities we serve,” she explained.

“I love working in Derbyshire so obviously I am very happy that I get to carry on working here. But I guess I am tempering all this with not getting too carried away as, while I am the PCC’s preferred candidate, this still needs to be agreed by the Police and Crime Panel on 13 August - so one more hurdle to go.”

The news that Rachel is set to take over from Peter Goodman, who retired as Chief Constable on Friday 31 July, has been welcomed by Tony Wetton, chair of Derbyshire Police Federation.

“We have developed a good working relationship with Rachel in her time as DCC so we are pleased that she has been chosen as the PCC’s preferred candidate to lead the Force,” says Tony.

“Rachel understands the pressures officers are under, appreciates the need to prioritise their wellbeing and represents a very safe pair of hands to take the Force forward.”


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