Derbyshire Police Federation

Mental wellbeing webinars

8 September 2020

Free online mental health wellbeing sessions are available to all officers and staff – providing a place to talk about how Covid-19 has affected them and help build resilience for the times ahead.

The sessions were first held during lockdown and due to the positive feedback received more have been arranged.

The webinar resilience check-ins are being held on 23 September, 6 October and 19 October. Funded by the Police Federation of England and Wales, they will be run by the National Police Wellbeing Service – Oscar Kilo.

Tony Wetton, chair of Derbyshire Police Federation, says: “These sessions are designed to get people talking about how lockdown has affected them and will be a platform for people to share ideas and coping mechanisms as we move to the uncertain times ahead.

“The last few months have posed different challenges for everyone, and no two people’s experiences of lockdown will be the same. But it is important to realise that there is no ‘right’ way to feel or have dealt with the situation.

“These sessions are free. Talking about your experiences can really help with mental health and, as we start to think about a ‘new normal’ they will provide a place for people share ideas and build up personal resilience to face the changes that are ahead.”

The group discussions are being led by Bailey and French, a consultancy firm with a ‘focus on the power of positive psychology’.

The sessions will be run using Microsoft Teams. It is recommended that you use a personal device as you may not be able to access the session on Force equipment.

The interactive workshops will use break-out rooms to allow participants to talk to others in the session. Therefore, you can sign up to more than one workshop as there will be different people to chat with.

To register for one of the sessions, click on the date below and follow the instructions.

23 September

6 October

19 October



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