Derbyshire Police Federation

Men’s Health Week: putting wellbeing to the fore

15 June 2020

Derbyshire Police Federation chair Tony Wetton says small lifestyle changes can make a big difference to members’ health and wellbeing.

Tony was speaking at the start of Men’s Health Week, which runs from today until Sunday (21 June).

He described it as an opportunity for officers to consider their health.

“Health and wellbeing are topics often overlooked by men, but Men’s Health Week is a chance to change that,” he said, “We know, for instance, that men between 18 and 44 are less likely to see a doctor than a woman, men have a more negative view of counselling than women and that 75 per cent of suicides are male.

“It’s crucial that we make the small changes to our lifestyles that can make a big difference to our physical and mental health, especially during this current pandemic.

“That could be stopping smoking, eating healthier, drinking less alcohol or taking more exercise. There’s a lot of help and information out there to support you in making those adjustments.”

The help and information includes a guide produced by the Police Mutual wellbeing team with tips to improve your physical and mental health and signposts to support services.

Tony added: “Our members have really stepped up during the last few months, going above and beyond to serve their communities and protect the NHS.

“But we all need to ensure we’re taking care of our physical and mental wellbeing, and Men’s Health Week is an opportunity to take control of our health.”

Read the guide.

Find out more about Men’s Health Week.



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