Derbyshire Police Federation

Give your feedback on your SMP

14 April 2020

Officers are being reminded to fill out a feedback form after visiting the Selected Medical Practitioner (SMP).

The form can be taken away from the appointment and then returned to the SMP’s office, allowing for a period of reflection.

Kirsty Bunn, secretary of Derbyshire Police Federation, explained: “While clearly it’s not compulsory to fill out the feedback form, we would ask that as many officers as possible take the time to give their thoughts on the service they received.”

If, following a medical examination, a member wishes to make a formal complaint about the conduct of the SMP, they should raise this using the correct channels.  Guidance on raising a complaint can be found on the General Medical Council’s website.

Members wanting to challenge an SMP's decision may submit a C2 application for funding to the Federation civil claims team at Leatherhead.  These applications will be assessed on an individual case basis. 

If an application meets the Federation’s funding criteria, it will be referred to either an HR consultant or a Federation panel solicitor according to the particular circumstances of the case.




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