Derbyshire Police Federation

Force stance on UAP and UPP welcomed

25 March 2020

Derbyshire Police Federation secretary Kirsty Bunn has welcomed moves by the Force to take a practical view with performance-related conduct proceedings in light of the ongoing situation with COVID-19.

Judith Wells, the Force’s HR manager, says reviews will now take place on a fortnightly basis to look at planned UAP (Unsatisfactory Attendance Procedures) or UPP (Unsatisfactory Performance Procedures) meetings.

She explained: “Things are changing on a daily basis so discussions will take place with line management/command teams to explore options to continue with meetings if possible, by phone or Skype.

“In some instances, if all parties are in agreement, it may be possible for the face-to-face meeting to go ahead. However, there obviously will be ones that need to be postponed.

“If this does occur, we are proposing to then rearrange the meeting for as soon as practicably possible.

“Likewise, if someone’s having to self-isolate or other reasons relating to COVID-19, it may mean that they are unable to fully demonstrate an improvement in performance/attendance.”

Kirsty responded to the measures by saying: “This are positive practical moves to deal with a difficult and ongoing situation for everyone involved in the UAP or UPP procedures.

“The decision to constantly review proceedings means that the process can continue where possible but also keeps all parties in the loop if inevitable delays are needed.”





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