Cumbria Police Federation

Remembering Fallen Colleagues: Cumbria Police Memorial Garden Opens

7 November 2023

Cumbria Police’s Memorial Garden has been opened today.

Paying respects at the opening were Chief Rob Carden, PCC Peter McCall and Cumbria Police Federation Chair Ed Russell

Ed said at the launch: “Good afternoon.  I have been fortunate to have the time to read and reflect on each of the officers listed for remembrance here today and one theme kept emerging, that of duty.

“Many of the officers memorialised here today lost their lives assisting their colleagues and the public, DC Tallontire was struck and killed by a vehicle as he stopped to assist a motorist, Sergeant Tyson died whilst assisting colleagues to quell a disorder, PC Barker died assisting the clearing of a bridge that collapsed due to flooding, and most recently PC Dumphreys, who was responding to a call for assistance when his vehicle suffered a catastrophic mechanical failure.

“These officers leave behind a legacy of duty and sacrifice and I for one am proud to serve under the same crest.

“This is a place to remember their stories, and to consider our role and duty in keeping the Kings Peace, serving the people of Cumbria and supporting one another in the execution of our sworn office.

“To the families and surviving colleagues of our fallen officers I offer my condolences and respect.”