Cumbria Police Federation

Chairman's Reaction: Drunk woman who threatened and kicked police officer gets 6 week curfew

10 January 2022

Drunk Barrow woman told police officers 'I'll smash your families' faces in'. Kicks one. Gets a 6 week curfew.

Cumbria Police Federation Chair Paul Williams: “This is another example of offenders not taking responsibility of their actions and feeling they have the freedom to assault our members with the prospect of minimal outcome.

“I know PC Hart - he is one of our fairly new officers who has joined up to provide a service in huge policing pressures and in doing his job he’s received a violent kick to the chest. It should never be the norm that we welcome our officers to the constabulary with at some point soon they will be subject to violent attack.

“How many times does this need to happen? How many more injuries have to be received and how much longer can this go on without serious consequences to the offender?

“Police Officers are not punch bags.”

District judge John Temperley sentenced Denise Rawlinson to a six-week curfew, ordering her to stay at home between 8pm and 6am.

She was told to pay £100 in compensation to the police officer.

The judge said while there was no injury to the officer 'it's clearly had an effect'.