Cumbria Police Federation

We can support you with conduct concerns

19 October 2021

Cumbria Police officers have been reminded of the support available to them from the Police Federation if required.

Paul McMillan, Cumbria Police Federation’s full-time Conduct and Performance Liaison Officer (CAPLO), has called for officers to contact the Federation as soon as they have any conduct concerns.

Paul took on the role earlier this year and has been working hard to support officers in the best way he can. He said: “It’s been a really steep learning curve. Not only do you have to learn the Police Regulations inside and out, but you also have to build up these relationships with the various departments within the force.”

Paul has been an officer for almost 19 years and a Police Federation Representative for more than two years.

He added: “I wanted to become a Fed Rep after witnessing a lot of younger officers in service and realising that they will need a helping hand somewhere along the way.

“I understand what they’re going through and now I’m in a position to give them the correct advice and guide them along the way.

“We work closely with the Professional Standard Department and closely with the higher-ranking officers.

“I’d like to make a closer link with the PSD in order to make processes easier and less of an ordeal.

“Lightening the load for PSD and for the Federation as well, will therefore mean problems can be sorted out at an earlier stage.”

Paul reminded officers not to hesitate to call for help if they need help from the Federation.

He added: “If members decide they want a Federation Rep, they should get in touch with one of the full-timers: myself, Chair Paul Williams or Secretary Jamie McTear.

“Then my role moving forward would be to then either take the job on myself, depending on the seriousness, or if it’s a less serious job I can allocate it to one of the part-time reps.

Paul hopes to benefit members, colleagues and officers with situations they are in, whilst also streamlining processes to make them more efficient.