Cumbria Police Federation

Unlocking of the country set to create demanding time for policing

15 April 2021

The upcoming months – as the country continues to unlock – will be a very demanding time for policing and police officers both locally and nationally, Cumbria Police Federation has said.

Paul Williams, Chairman, said that Cumbria Constabulary is already making early preparations around staffing and policing this summer and “it is positive that there is recognition and early planning in place.”

“There is a potential that this summer could bring a large amount of disorder,” said Paul. “When combining up and coming events such as the Euro football championships and the G7 with lifting of restrictions for night-time economy and ongoing protests, this summer will undoubtedly be very demanding.

“Policing COVID has brought challenges never before seen to our members who have shown dedicated commitment to keeping the public safe under immense pressure.

“Lifting of restrictions will not see the policing challenges go away, it is simply another level of demand that will test our resources and increase fatigue and risk of burnout to the Officers out there taking the full brunt of public frustration and opportunists for disorder.

“The sickening scenes in Bristol demonstrated the use of protest to cause disorder and attack the very people that keep them safe. If this level of violence is repeated then I would hope that the Government would support a very robust response in the prosecution of such individuals who think it is acceptable to behave in such a manner.”