Cumbria Police Federation

Remembering Cumbria Police Constable Nick Dumphreys

26 January 2021

Remembering Police Constable Nick Dumphreys, of Cumbria Constabulary, who died on duty on this day last year.

Paying tribute, Cumbria Police Federation, said: “We write this message to remember our dear friend and colleague Nick Dumphreys. It is a year to this day since we lost Nick and it still feels raw.

“Our thoughts are with Nick’s family and his dear wife Kat and we will be remembering Nick with a smile and many laughs being the character he was.

“We have spoken with Kat who is spending quiet time with the children and reflecting on her times with Nick. Kat has kindly allowed me to share her words with you that I thought were very fitting.

“She states: ‘I just hope that his friends remember him in their own way, that they never stop telling his stories, that they never stop laughing with him, and never stop making fun of his accent’.

“Nick had many close friends that he worked with and I am sure - although this will be a hard time for them - they will honour Nick well and I’m certain they will be doing what Kat has asked.

“Nick’s personality would shine through in these bad times, raising morale while keeping people safe.

“The loss of Nick was very painful and a real shock but his life was well celebrated and continues to be one year on.

“PC seventeen two four Nick Dumphreys we will always remember you and that memory will stay strong and bring many smiles.

“Stay safe all of you and look after each other.”