Cumbria Police Federation

Police 2021 Pay Rise: Federation reaction

21 July 2021

Police officer 2021 pay rise decision announced by Government tonight: "As set out at the Spending Review (2020), there will be a pause to headline pay rises for the majority of public sector workforces in 2021-22"

Reacting, Paul Williams, Chairman of Cumbria Police Federation, said: “Hearing this news has made me feel sick to the stomach with disgust that the Government has had the audacity to kick us yet again. 

“I am already seeing very angry reactions - and this is the tip of the iceberg. Enough is enough. Our members cannot be rode into the ground and left with not even scraps on a plate. The government need to be ashamed of themselves with this blatant and public betrayal of those who have worked 24/7 365 days a year in the most extreme, violent and unprecedented circumstances.

“We have held this country together and achieved the impossible for the ungrateful.”

Paul added: “There is still a huge task ahead for our officers with significant leave bans, incredibly long hours and we are seeing burnout before our eyes. 

“Cops will leave, they will become ill, they have and will miss significant times with their families. All to be told we haven’t yet again been granted recognition of pay. The decision is rotten and needs to be challenged robustly.

“Working this hard, making decisions that no member of the public would want to make in high pressure split second life threatening situations, then come under huge scrutiny is something that needs significant recognition and this is a sick joke. I look forward to national consultation and I look forward to action because it is long overdue.”

Reporting today, the “independent” Police Remuneration Review Body stated “This year our remit did not include making an overall pay award recommendation” so it did not bother. It also rejected any notion of a “bonus” for officers for their hard work policing the Covid-19 pandemic.

The Police Federation of England and Wales said: “The current pay system for policing is not fit for purpose. We are forced to enter into an inherently unfair process from the start, with the odds weighted firmly in favour of the Government where, it seems, a decision has already been made when they set the parameters for the pay review body.

“It is now essential that we review this process and look to find an alternative. A solution that has the best interests of police officer pay at heart. We will be seeking the views of our members and calling an urgent meeting with our 43 Federation branches from across England and Wales to discuss our next steps.”