Cumbria Police Federation

New first of it's kind wellbeing kit launched for Investigators

24 June 2021

A new wellbeing toolkit for Investigators, the first of its kind, is being launched this week

Jamie McTear, from Cumbria Police Federation, said: “The launch of the new OK investigators toolkit is excellent news and having something available to detectives is long overdue.

“Over recent years the role of detective has had ever increasing demands put on it due to decreasing numbers, increased workloads and working excessive hours.

“Detectives deal with the most heinous of crimes and often the most vulnerable and affected victims, they become emotionally invested in cases that are often protracted complex investigations.

“This invariably takes a toll on the individual and can erode their resolve and have a massive effect on their wellbeing. Having an investigator specific toolkit brings another layer of support available to detectives.

“The toolkit will help detectives and their line managers identify warning signs and give coping mechanism, as well as increasing self-awareness with regard to mental wellbeing.

“One thing I will say is do not be afraid to stick your hand up and let someone know you are struggling, there is no shame in it. There is a wealth of help available from Occupational Health and the Federation.”

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