Cumbria Police Federation

"Pay freeze demonstrates complete disregard for the sacrifice made by police officers"

25 November 2020

A pay rise for police officers to be "paused" next year the Chancellor has told the House of Commons today.

"I cannot justify an across the board pay increase for all public sector workers," Rishi Sunak said.

Doctors and nurses to still get a pay rise. Those in the public sector earning under £24,000 will still get pay rise of at least £250 he tells Parliament.

Mr Sunak did tell MPs that “pay progressions and promotions will carry on” in the public sector which should refer to police officers who receive/are scheduled to receive incremental rises.

Paul Williams, Chairman of Cumbria Police Federation, said: “We are utterly disgusted by the Chancellor’s view that after the work we have done, a pay rise cannot be justified.

“24/7 our members have been putting themselves at risk protecting the public and the Government, working long hours in dangerous conditions.

“This is insulting and demonstrates complete disregard for the sacrifices made by our members.”

He added: “On top of years of decimated numbers, cuts in pay and low morale the Government makes its next move in kicking us again.

“During this pandemic our members have not only had to deal with the day to day policing but put themselves at incredible risk trying to help save lives, suffering a huge rise in assaults on themselves, dealing with very distressing situations, and having to deal with individuals who have weaponised COVID against them.

“They are tired and run down, knowing still that further demand on police is on the horizon during this pandemic and also with Brexit looming.

“The Government states it is committed to maintaining the police officer uplift. Today’s news hardly provides motivation for recruiting and more so for cops to remain in their role facing such dangers for no reward.

“We accept that in such a situation action has to be taken to address the financial strain however going straight to freezing pay of public sector workers as what seems to be a default position without considering other very large and costly Government projects is the lazy option and radiates contempt towards those who perform such a dangerous occupation.”

Parliament heard how £400+ million will be provided to recruit 6,000 police officers Mr Sunak added. "Well on track to recruit 20,000."

Shadow Chancellor Anneliese Dodds referenced how hollow the Chancellor "clapping for carers" during the first lock down now was.

She added: “Firefighters, police officers and teachers will know their spending power is going down… many key workers who took on so much responsibility during this crisis are now being forced to tighten their belts.”

She compared this to the “bonanza” for private companies who have won PPE contracts from the Government this year.