Cumbria Police Federation

Cumbria police officers have shown hard work and relentless dedication during COVID pandemic new report shows

8 October 2020

Hard work and ‘relentless dedication’ shown by Cumbria Police officers is behind a new report outlining how they effectively maintained proactive policing during the COVID pandemic.

Cumbria Police Federation says officers are still dealing with the challenges presented by the virus but that members’ ‘incredible resilience’ had helped them deal with what’s been thrown at them.

The report, compiled by Cumbria Police Assistant Chief Constable Andrew Slattery, outlined how well Cumbria officers responded to the pandemic, supported vulnerable people and dealt with an increase in certain crimes such as anti-social behaviour and assaults on them and their blue light colleagues.

Domestic abuse cases rose by 12% from the same period last year, while drug offences and child exploitation cases also increased.

A huge 40% more officers and emergency workers were assaulted although overall crime is down by nearly 14%.

Federation Chairman Paul Williams officers were facing an era never before seen in policing.

“The stats speak for themselves and demonstrate how hard our members have been working during continuing tough and unpredictable times,” he said.

“There’s been a strong strategic direction during the COVID pandemic that has kept in line with guidelines, legislation and adapted to our geographic area, and the relentless dedication from our cops who have shown incredible resilience is clear.

“We are facing an era in policing that we have never seen before, and the challenges are by no means over, but the commitment continues.”

Paul said it’s important officers are looked after and that what they have seen and dealt with over the past few months could have an impact on their short term and long term mental health.

“I am worried about the strain this has on the workforce, and this pandemic will surely leave scars, so we need to be vigilant on not only how we deliver the service but also equally how we look after those who look after the public,” he said.

“I know the person behind the uniform, and I’m confident they will deliver. I want to reassure them that they can be confident of getting the representation they deserve from the Federation, and we continue to work around the clock locally and nationally to ensure this is happening.”

Cumbria’s Police and Crime Commissioner, Peter McCall, said: “The past six months have been incredibly busy for the Constabulary.

“COVID-19 has challenged all emergency services and other public sectors across the country, but Cumbria Constabulary have really risen to the occasion and successfully served and protected the public while putting their own health at risk.”

“We are well-served here in the county, and our police deserve recognition for all their hard work which I know will continue as they deal with the pandemic as the winter months approach.”