Cumbria Police Federation

The Assaults on Emergency Workers Bill

14 September 2018

BBC Cumbria
Emergency service workers in Cumbria have welcomed the change in the law that could see people jailed for a year if they assault them. New legislation was passed on 13/09/2018 and will be introduced in November which will see the maximum sentence for attacking staff while on duty raised from six months to a year. Martin Plummer from Cumbria Police Federation says it’s been a long time coming. He said: “It is high time that we were supported by the judicial system and that the punishment meets the crime. We are now saying it will not be acceptable in the future. It doesn’t matter whether it's a punch, a kick, a push, a slap, a head- butt or spitting and we are pleased now that the judicial system is supporting us and saying ‘if you do you will feel the full weight of the law - and likely if you assault an emergency service worker you will go to prison’.”
Police officers in Cumbria at risk of having mucus and blood spat in their faces.

News and Star (Cumbria), 13/09/2018
Police are at risk of having mucus or even blood spat in their face, as Cumbria is one of just six forces across the country where officers do not currently have the protection of spit guards. Cumbria Police said it is considering the introduction of the equipment – a breathable covering for the head of suspects to stop fluids reaching officers – which is already used by 37 of the 43 forces across England and Wales. Cumbria Federation Chair Martin Plummer said there is nothing worse than being spat at. “Nobody in emergency services should go to work to be punched, head-butted, slapped, kicked or spat at,” he said